Complex Divorce Made Easier

Outstanding Divorce Counsel For More Than 25 Years

When it comes to divorce, you probably know that the process is rarely easy. You do not have to go through it alone though. At Sheehan Law Office, PLLC, I can guide, advise and assist you with even the most complex of divorces.

My name is Patrick J. Sheehan. I have built a reputation on my quality counsel and have been featured in U.S. News & World Report for Best Lawyers and New Hampshire Magazine Best Lawyers. For more than 25 years, I have served clients in Concord and the surrounding area with a wide spectrum of divorce and other family law matters.

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No matter how challenging the road ahead may seem, I am ready to act as your advocate and guide.

Making Complex Divorce Simple For You – Patrick J. Sheehan

As an attorney, I focus on divorces that have complex elements. I can assist you with dividing stock options and pensions, valuing a family business, deciding what to do with multiple real estate properties and more. Though these issues can appear impossibly complicated, I do everything in my power to simplify the process for you. I cannot overstate the value of reducing your stress during this difficult time.

A Foundation Of Strong Relationships

I build relationships with my clients to get to know them as people instead of just case files. If an issue arises in the future such as the need to modify a court order or appeal a decision, I will understand your goals in-depth to assist you further. Many of my clients are referrals from people who felt satisfied with the service I provided.

Get My Help In Simplifying Your Divorce

When you need an experienced attorney who can handle the most complicated aspects of a divorce, you can rely on Sheehan Law Office, PLLC. The first step is to reach out and contact me to schedule an initial consultation. You can call 603-715-2560 or send me an email to get in touch.